Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome back to actually working out

 Last night was just full of fitness. I'm exhausted! Today will be a much needed rest day (aside from getting in my 8300 steps for the Carrot App).

Yesterday after work I headed straight to the gym for a quick 45 minute strength training session. I tried a different technique today and went for time rather than reps. Bottom line -- it hurt. It's so much easier to do 10-15 reps rather than crank out a full minutes worth. It was definitely a good switch up. Depending on the exertion I took anywhere from between 30s-60s rest between sets, but kept it consistent. 

Here's what I did:
Back Press (? I don't know what that machine is called. The one where you lean back) 3x60 seconds (70 lbs, 90 lbs, 100lbs) I really felt this one on the run after!
Chest Press 3x60 seconds (I used 10 lbs for this as I am working through an injury)
Pullover (triceps) 3x60 (10 lbs -- and it was brutal)
Lat Pulldowns 3x60 (60lbs)
Bent over Rows 3x60 (2x15lbs)
Then, because I was running out of time, I did a few quick core exercises
Heel touches x50
Head to knee crunches x50
Leg Raises x30

That was all I had time for, so I packed it in and headed out on a 6.6k run with some great people! I haven't run that long since ... I'm guessing around March? It was great! I had zero pain in my knee and the kilometres flew by with all of the good vibes and good conversation. I've really missed running with a group so it was great to get out there. I may be losing my "sleep in and do nothing Monday" to fitness this long weekend, but I think I'm okay with that :) I'd love to get my distance back up. I don't care as much for speed right now, but I'm sure in time that will come.

I used skratch electrolyte powder for my run and a couple of pink lemonade honey bee stingers (left over from an open package from my tri) that I took right before the run with some water. While I was tired I was still feeling fairly energetic. The three gels did the trick and gave me the little boost in energy that I needed to power though the run.

I definitely have some goals percolating in my mind - but there will be a lot of factors at play in what is determined. For now, the only 100% is the Ragnar relay next year which I am so excited about and Iron Girl. Iron Girl was such a great experience that I definitely want to take part again and hopefully some of my non-triathlon friends take the plunge and give it a shot. Iron Girl is the perfect venue to try out triathlon.

Tonight is another CSA day! I'm amped to pick up our produce and see what goodies we get this week. I also REALLY need to do something with the patty pan squash. It's starting to pile up and I'm too nervous to cook it. Need to get over that ASAP. I think I'll try roasting it first and if that doesn't taste good, maybe I'll aim for the stuffed ones. I just don't generally like stuffed foods.

Happy Thursday. It's a good week to get out there and crush some fitness goals!!

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