Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favourites!


 I just love Friday Favourites. Linking up with the bloggers above just like every week!
 Today has been a crazy crazy day so my favourites are going to have to be speedy!

#1 Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!!
Couldn't even wait until I took the pic to dig into the whipped cream

Okay, so it's only for a few days (4 to be exact), but you better believe I had one today and it was delicious. It was so chilly that I needed a coat outside, so I felt perfectly validated in having my PSL.

#2 This dress

Friends, I'm so ashamed. This is an Ivanka Trump dress.
But it's so beautiful and I love it and it's a perfect fall dress. Sigh. I feel like I need to go to confession or something.

#3 CSA delivery!

Yes, this week I actually remembered to take a photo. It was definitely a delicious delivery. The watermelons (while seeded - blech) are by far the sweetest most delicious watermelons I have ever tasted. Ever. I seriously had to take a moment while I was eating it. If it weren't for those darn seeds (first world problems), they would have been the most perfect watermelons ever. It was a good week!

#4. These shoes

Damn you Kate Spade for creating the most beautiful red heels ever. I didn't buy these (yet), but even at Winners they were still way expensive. But tell me those wouldn't be the perfect shoe for the dress above. Amiright?!

#5. Friday of the long weekend!

I am SO ready to have a long weekend. Even though I've taken off almost half of this month ... I'm still ready. There's just something so good about a long weekend, and it's not just that my fave radio station plays only 80s music all weekend.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it!

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