Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sickie sick sick

 Well, my feeling slightly off has developed into a full blown cold. It's safe to say, I feel like complete garbage. Sore throat, sneezing, coughing, nose running, head foggy ...ughhhhh. Last night I diffused some On Guard, and applied my floom mixture (a blend of frankincense, lemon, oregano, on guard and melaluca (tea tree)). It helped -- usually the first day my sore throats are completely unbearable, but this one is just painful, haha. I'm hoping it passes quickly. I don't like feeling this way (well, who ever does?!)

Some positives - today I went and bought those red Kate Spade shoes that I shared a few days ago. Sigh, I know I need to cut down my spending, but a good pair of shoes just completely does me in. Pathetic, I know! Now I just need that dress. I'm crossing my fingers that it goes on sale, but it hasn't so far and I need it in about a month. I'm debating just buying it and then returning it and re-buying it if goes on sale. That might be a bit excessive.

I was impressed that even with my feeling gross yesterday and with a very off stomach to boot, that I was able to convince myself to make dinner. My run became a walk because who wants to bounce around when their stomach isn't cooperating. What a mess, amiright?!
I've entered into a stepbet and while this is the first week, which doesn't count, I'm still feeling the pressure to get my steps in. Losing $40 USD isn't something I'm too keen on. I don't have insanely high goals. Not like some of the ones I've seen, but I also have an office job where I'm sitting for the majority of my day, so while I park as far away as possible and walk often on my lunchtimes, I still have to try to get 8000+ steps on non-running days. I have to say - this is a really great incentive. I know that you don't make much $$ overall, but even the idea of losing your own money is pretty motivating to keep you moving. I'd highly advise people with office jobs who are finding it tricky to get steps in to join a step bet! The one I'm doing only has about 700 participants, so the pot isn't huge, but some have tens of thousands!

Anyways, I'm out. Need to get in some steps and then try and sleep some of this nonsense away!

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